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Thursday, January 19, 2006


Last week I bought a FISHTANK! It occupies the center column of the store, so it is the first thing you see when you come in! Chinese Feng Shui says this is the best location, because the center column is a Shar, or bad, blocking, deflecting chi-energy source, and FISH are one of the BEST chi-energy gathering sources in that ancient art.

PLUS, before I got into framing as a profession, I was in the Pet Industry, mainly the Aquarium and Heptological Departments.

Since I know Fish Keeping top to bottom, I could have easily opted for Difficult Fish, like Discus or Marines. I dream of duplicating an Amazon River Basin tank, with Angel Fish and Severum, Cardinal and Emperor Tetras, Pacus, Piranhas and CANDIRUS, oh my!

But I decided on one of my first loves--GOLDFISH! But not just ANY goldfish.

These are the Three Fishes that I have chosen. Let's see if I can get their photos in the correct order for this blog site thingey:
Klotho, the Red and White Oranda
Atropos, the Calico Fancytail
Lachesis, the Red Oranda.

Yes, the Three Fates, as per Justin's suggestion. But I like it! Klotho spins the Web of Life; Atropos weaves the Threads; Lachesis cuts them at the End.

I can see major potential in these fish. Lachesis especially is a fine speciman of a Red Oranda. He or she will grow to be a rather magnificent example of the Goldfish Breeder's art. Unfortunately, I can't tell yet if these fishes are boys or girls. Not yet.

Reaction to them has been overwhelmingly positive so far--and why not? They're cute little GOLDFISH, constantly looking for fishy food, or, in Lachesis and Klothos' case, standing on their heads, because their heads are WAY too big for their bodies at this point! Give them time to grow into their headgear!!

Please come see them and wish them well! They've been assigned their fishy tasks for only a week!


The ART Corner

264 Washington Street

Salem, Ma 01970



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